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“Agribusiness can take you so many directions. I’m not limited to a particular field of work, but have almost unlimited opportunities and possibilities in the industry. Professors go out of their way to get to know you as an individual and advise you on how to tailor your education to your interests. My experience at K-State and in my field of study have been second-to-none.”

Lindy Billbery,
Garden City, Kansas

The agribusiness sector is defined by competition, unique regulatory agencies, and innovative technology solutions for commercial agriculture and management. Navigating this global industry and the uncertainty inherent in agricultural production is vital to business success. With a bachelor’s degree in agribusiness from K-State’s agricultural economics department, you will be well versed in both agricultural economics and business. Graduates are prepared to outline plans that successfully lead agribusiness firms to manage risk and realize positive returns.

Professional Opportunities
Agribusiness students graduate from K-State with the skills and experiences employers want. Along with above average starting salaries, our graduates can choose from a wide variety of career fields including accounting, business consulting, commodity brokerage/trading, entrepreneurship, finance & insurance, governemnt service, human resources, management, and marketing/sales.

Degree Options
The agribusiness degree program is a good starting point for a number of careers, which is why the major is designed to be flexible while giving students a grasp on emerging issues in food, business, and agriculture. Students have the choice of three distinct degree options.

Agribusiness is a wide-reaching industry that touches many sectors. The agribusiness option takes a broad approach to teaching the fundamental skills students need to succeed in a wide variety of business settings. Course work focuses on agricultural economics, agribusiness, and business.

Globalization can be felt everywhere across business and society today, and students who understand the background and interconnected global economy can pursue a career without boundaries. Students who choose this option complete agribusiness course work, learn another language, and participate in an international experience.

Food Industry
The institutions that govern food and agriculture are unique. As the industry grows and the technologies used for food processing and commercial agriculture evolve, professionals are needed who can successfully facilitate production and management from farm to table.

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Further Information

The classes you are required to take will depend on the program option you choose within Agribusiness.

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Food Industry