Animal Sciences and Industry


“Animal Science and animal agriculture have played an important role in this country. I chose Animal Science to develop and integrate knowledge of animal use for food and recreational purposes I like the department because of the faculty; many of which are recognized as leaders in their field of study and are among the best in the country. The Animal Science department possesses a wide range of talents and disciplines that will help me achieve my goal of someday helping to strengthen food and agricultural systems in developing countries, while establishing a foundation for future food and agricultural trade opportunities.”

Ryan O’Neil
Spearville, Kansas

K-State’s animal sciences and industry program prepares students for exciting careers in the animal industry. The curriculum combines the study of nutrition, reproduction, genetics, behavior, physiology, technology and business with production, management and agribusiness skills. The program’s flexibility allows students from urban and agricultural backgrounds to plan programs of study consistent with individual interests and goals.

Possible careers
Manager, sales representative, livestock buyer, finance and marketing specialist, extension agent, researcher, communications specialist, market analyst, animal care giver, quality control specialist, lab technician, equine breeding manager, livestock consultant.

Course work covers beef and dairy cattle, sheep, goats, swine, horses, companion animals and poultry, and the products they produce.

Students select one of the following options:

Animal products
Students seeking employment in the food industry, take classes in food/meat processing, technology, evaluation and related topics. Course work emphasizes the wholesomeness and safety of animal food products.

This new option emphasizes biotechnology and prepares students for careers in the emerging fields of bioscience, genomics, and animal health.

This option is for the student who is interested in entering the broad field of agribusiness in finance, management, personnel administration, merchandising, marketing or another area. This option uses many courses from the College of Business Administration and the Department of Agricultural Economics. A minor in business can be easily incorporated into this curriculum and is encouraged.

This option is for the student interested in journalism, advertising, editing or public relations. This option includes courses from the School of Journalism and Mass Communications such as news writing, editing and design, photography and related topics. A minor in communications is incorporated into this option.

The production/management option is for the student, who wants to specialize in the breeding, feeding, care and welfare of animals. Animal production, nutrition and management classes, combined with courses in the College of Business Administration and the Department of Agricultural Economics provide a solid basis for a career in animal management and production.

Designed for those seeking an advanced degree or admission to a College of Veterinary Medicine or who wish to pursue a career in research, this option emphasizes courses in chemistry, physics and biology.


“Ever since I was young I have worked closely with the animal industry. I chose my major because I want to learn more about the animal industry and advocate for it as well. I like how I am able to walk into Weber Hall and it feels like home. Everyone in the department is willing to help you with anything you need. What I like about my major is that I am able to participate in many “hands on classes”. This not only helps me with my academics in the classroom, but will also help me in the future with internships and job opportunities. “

Kara Schwarzkopf
Camden, Indiana

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The classes you are required to take will depend on the program option you choose within Animal Sciences and Industry.


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Animal Products
Bioscience/ Biotechnology
Production Management
Science/Pre-Veterinary Medicine