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Bakery Science and Management

law"The relatively small number of majors makes it easier to develop good relationships with professors and other bakery science students. I chose this major not only for the chance to bake in classes, but also to understand the science behind baking products. Hands-on classroom experiences will prepare me for the real world."

Christina Law
Houston, Texas

Bakery science graduates complete baking technology courses and chemistry and biochemistry labs, along with other university courses, giving them a broad university education with a robust science background. The curriculum combined with internship experiences prepares graduates for the complicated management decisions required in the baking and allied industries.

Possible careers
Product development specialist, technical sales representative, production management, quality assurance, ingredient/equipment sales, labeling and regulatory technician, and retail/wholesale ownership.


Course sequence is flexible and reflects the personality and interests of the student. Bakery Science offers production management or cereal chemistry options. Students selecting the production management option take classes to prepare them for jobs in sales, product development, or production management. Those choosing the cereal chemistry option learn about quality control or research and development.

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Course Information

The classes you are required to take will depend on the program option you choose within Bakery Science.

Bakery Science and Management