Food Science and Industry

FDSCIAlex“I wanted to have a career where I could combine my love for the sciences and food, so food science was a great choice for me. With the chance to take the basic sciences and apply them in practical hands-on labs and research projects sets food science apart from other science-based majors. The wide variety of job opportunities and 100% placement after graduation, students are highly sought after by employers to shape and improve the future of the food industry”

Alex Maxwell
Atchison, Kansas

K-State’s nationally recognized undergraduate food science and industry program is approved by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). This program provides excellent training in science and business for students who will work in food science and related professions in industry, academia and government.

Possible careers
Food production manager, quality assurance specialist, food safety/HACCP manager, sales and marketing specialist, technical sales representative, product and process developer, laboratory analyst, product development team member, advertising and communications representative.

Two main options are available, Science (an approved IFT undergraduate program []) and food business & operations management option. The science option emphasizes basic sciences and prepares students for more technical jobs, product development and graduate school. Students in the food business and operations management option must minor in business, agricultural economics or agribusiness as they prepare for sales, marketing, management and other opportunities in the food industry. Students can switch from one option to the other with counsel from their advisor. Employment opportunities are strong with both options. FDSCIBeck

“When I entered the Food Science program, I was not sure what to expect. As I progressed in the curriculum, the relevance of material, hands-on experience and devotion of the faculty and staff shaped my passion and expectations for the future. I’ve set my sights high knowing that I’m prepared to enter any area of the Food Science profession.”

Madison Beck
Wichita, Kansas


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The classes you are required to take will depend on the program option you choose within Food Science.

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Science (includes Pre-Medicine and Pre-Veterinary Medicine)
Food Business and Operation Management