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HRTAustin"I chose horticulture because I like working outdoors with my hands, and because it is both an art and a science. The faculty and staff have expertise in many different areas. I’ve enjoyed the practical experience of working with them in the KSU Gardens, greenhouses and in class. My goal is to create dream landscapes so people can call their house a home."

Austin Hansen
Lansing, Kansas

Horticulture combines art and skill with science and technology for sustainably growing, distributing, and using ornamental plants, fruits, and vegetables. Landscapes, homes, and public buildings are surrounded by horticulture. Lives are enriched through the varied diets and physical activities resulting from this field of study. Graduates, depending on their option, become experts in disciplines such as vegetable production, landscape design or golf course management. According to a national study, job openings in horticulture will exceed the number of graduates needed to fill them in the next decade.


Possible careers
Greenhouse grower, nursery or garden center manager, production horticulturist, landscape designer, golf course manager, sales and marketing manager, technical representative, buyer, gardener, groundskeeper, superintendent, general manager, extension agent, plant breeder, sports turf manager, horticultural therapist and research scientist.

Fruit/vegetable production:
Students combine interests in organic, sustainable, and conventional fruit and vegetable production with courses in business management.

Greenhouse and nursery management:
An education combining horticulture and business courses prepares students for opportunities in propagation and production of potted crops, bedding plants, shrubs, trees, and fresh flowers.

Landscape design:
This field prepares students with artistic and design abilities to create functional and sustainable landscape environments.

Sports turf operations management:
This field prepares students for rewarding careers with professional sports organizations, school districts, colleges, and university grounds departments, and municipal parks and recreation departments.

Landscape management:
Opportunities abound in residential and commercial landscape care, from installation through maintenance of landscape environments.

Golf course management:
This unique program combines business, communications, hospitality, and turf management courses to prepare the next generation of golf course superintendents and managers.

Horticultural science:
This option is intended for students who plan to pursue a graduate degree. Universities, state and federal agencies, and industries need trained scientists who can teach, conduct research, and communicate findings to the public to increase the production and effective use of horticultural products.

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The classes you are required to take will depend on the program option you choose within Horticulture.

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Golf Course and Sports Turf Operations
Horticulture Production
Horticulture Science
Landscape Horticulture