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College of Agriculture

K-State Chapter of MANRRS

MANRRS-KSU will chart the direction for students underrepresented in the fields of study within the College of Agriculture. The chapter will accomplish its goals through a schedule of activities at the local, state, and national levels. MANRRS-KSU is working toward establishing a record of service to the university and local community. The chapter and individual members will have an opportunity to compete at the MANRRS annual national training conference and career fair.

In keeping with the charter of MANRRS, the MANRRS-KSU chapter will be extremely active in community service, regional and national conferences, and local workshops.

MANRRS-KSU will provide its members with a variety of opportunities including:

• Development of leadership and communication skills
• Network for internships and employment with major companies
• Academic assistance and peer counseling
• Participation in conferences and workshops
• Industry tours

K-State Chapter Officers


MANRRS-KSU wants you!
Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) accepts all majors in the College of Agriculture. Students majoring in disciplines outside the COA can obtain affiliate membership with the organization. If you are interested in joining or learning more about the MANRRS-KSU please contact:

Adriana Meneses, President, ameneses@ksu.edu

Shelbi Hill, Vice President, shelbikaye@ksu.edu

Kenyenna Jones, Seceratary, kenyennaj@ksu.edu

Makinsey McIntosh, Treasurer, makinseym@ksu.edu

Cameron Bradshaw, Ag Council Rep, cameron12@ksu.edu

Dr. Zelia Z. Wiley, Advisor, 139 Waters Hall, 532-5793, zwiley@ksu.edu

Dr. Terri Blackmon, Co-advisor and Diversity Fellow, 139 Water Hall, 532-1672, cdr3@ksu.edu