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Navigating Difference Training

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Navigating Difference Training is being offered by K-State Research and Extension and the Change Agent States Team.  It is designed to assist Extension professionals expand their skills in working with diverse audiences.  Participants can expect the Navigating Difference training to provide:

  • A set of skills to enhance your work with diverse audiences;
  • A solid foundation in intercultural communications theory and practice;
  • Opportunities to apply new learning in your work.

This training was developed by Washington State University and creates a safe and welcoming environment for all learners with activities that respect and support individual learning styles.  Participants' life experiences are viewed as an important source of knowledge.

The Navigating Difference training is based on these cultural competencies:

  • Cultural Awareness
  • Cultural Understanding
  • Cultural Knowledge
  • Cultural Interaction
  • Cultural Sensitivity

This training is NOT about:

  • Specific cultural groups
  • Trying to change your values
  • Blaming or fault-finding
  • Creating guilty or angry situations

IS about:

  • Becoming more aware of our own personal and organizational cultures
  • Examining how our personal and organization cultures affect our ability to work across difference in both negative and positive ways
  • Building skills to increase our competencies as we work with others who are difference from us.

Suggested readings

For more information and registration, please see the Navigating Difference Flyer  or contact

Zelia Wiley
Assistant Dean for Diversity
Kansas State University Kansas State University
139 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS Manhattan, KS
Phone: 785-532-5793

Navigating Difference>                 Navigating Difference>