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College of Agriculture

Hour Requirement and Resident Credit

To be awarded an undergraduate degree, a student must have earned a grade point average of at least 2.0 (C) on all K-State courses applied toward the degree and all courses taken for resident graded credit. At least 5/6 of the K-State semester hours applied towards a degree program must be graded hours. In addition, at least 45 hours of upper-division courses (300 level and above) are required for the degree. 

Each student must complete at least 30 resident credits to be considered for a degree from Kansas State University. No more than one-half of the credit hours required for an undergraduate degree may be completed at an accredited two-year college. The student must complete 20 of the last 30 undergraduate hours of resident undergraduate credit at K-State. Courses taken through the K-State Global Campus, K-State Polytechnic or K-State Olathe are considered resident credit.