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College of Agriculture

Warning and Dismissal


Students who earn less than a 2.0 K-State semester or cumulative GPA will be placed on academic warning. Students will be automatically taken off academic warning when their semester GPA and cumulative K-State GPA reach 2.0 during spring or fall end-of-semester grade posting. Students on warning will receive an email to their K-State email address each semester from the Ag Student Records Office informing them of their status. Warning status does not change as a result of summer or intersession course work. A student’s K-State grade record of resident work is used to establish academic warning or dismissal status. Transfer hours are included in determining hours accumulated, but are not used in calculation of K-State GPA.


Students who neglect academic responsibilities can be dismissed at any time upon recommendation of the academic dean. Students who have been on academic warning the immediate prior semester will be automatically dismissed if their cumulative GPA as a K-State resident is below the following threshold values: 

(Including Transfer Hours)


K-State GPA less than



















Greater than 105



Any student (freshman or transfer) who earns less than a 1.0 semester GPA in his or her first semester at K-State will be dismissed. 

Students who earn a semester GPA of 2.200 or higher on 12 or more graded hours will not be dismissed. College of Agriculture students who earn “C” grades or better on at least 12 or more graded hours or who earn a K-State semester GPA of 2.500 or more on less than 12 graded credit hours during the semester in question will be automatically reinstated. 

Dismissed students must follow procedures for reinstatement in order to be readmitted to the University.