College of Agriculture Student Council

To serve the best interests of all students in the College and all agricultural students organizations, sponsor and support student activities and programs, communicate with and unite agricultural student organizations, and foster positive relationships between students, faculty, and administration. Ag Council will also consider any amendments to the Kansas State University Student Governing Association (KSU SGA) constitution, select replacements to student senate when requested, allocate student activity fee funds to agricultural student organizations, and handle any legislative or executive duties not reserved by the SGA constitution and bylaws for the student senate and the student body president. Student membership of council shall be composed of the elected officers, appointed officers, the agriculture student senators, and one representative of each agricultural student organization.

College of Agriculture activities, projects and programs:
- Watermelon Feed
- Ag Fest
- Ag Awards Assembly
- Student and Faculty Awards Program
- Fall Activity

Meeting dates, times, and place:
First and third Thursday nights of each month at 5:30 p.m. in 137 Waters Hall.


Executive Officers
President - Candice Wilson
Vice President - Chris Mushrush
Secretary - Samantha Bolen
Treasurer - Evan Woodbury
Public Relations Director - Garet Koester
Activities Director - Rustin Ardery

Appointed Officers
Recruitment and Outreach Chairs:
                Sam Knauss
                Emily Gray

Honor Code Chairs:
                Matt McKernan
                Megan Angermeyer
                Brandon Keller
                Kylie Lieber

 Course and Curriculum Chairs:               
                Cody Baumgartner
                Lucas Sudbeck

Student and Faculty Awards Chairs:     
                Alexis Coberly  
                Lindsey Pease

 Ag Fest Chairs:    
                Brendan Armstrong
                Renae Tokach


October 16, 2014                September/October Apps due


November 13, 2014            November/December Apps due

                                                2 Faculty of the Semester Apps due


December 4, 2014               January Apps due


February 5, 2014                February/March Apps due


March 5, 2014                      April Apps due

                                                2 Faculty of the Semester Apps due

                                                Advisor of the Year Nominations due


Applications are due by 4:00 pm on the correct date. 

Student of the Month
Faculty of the Semester
Advisor of the Year

Appointed Officer Application