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College of Agriculture Honors & Scholars Program

The K-State University Honors program and the College of Agriculture Scholars Program both enable capable students to expand and expand their skills and stimulate their curiosity for continual learning.

This is accomplished through the completion of Honors coursework, an approved Honors Project and the reporting of that project in written and oral form. The Scholars Program is administered by the Academic Programs Office in the College of Agriculture with the assistance of the College of Agriculture Honors Advisory Committee.

Students who enrolled in the Ag Honors program prior to Fall 2007 who still follow the old honors curriculum need to meet with either Don Boggs or Christine Wilson about the requirements to complete your program.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To provide special recognition for outstanding scholastic achievement.
  • To foster sustained interest in advanced education and research.
  • To promote social interaction in the academic community and campus leadership