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Research/Creative Project

The core of the College of Agriculture Scholars Program and the University Honors Program is the scholarly activity. On advice from faculty mentors, students propose, prepare, and conduct an research/creative project of their choice. The intent of this activity is to provide a creative academic experience relevant to the land-grant missions of research, extension or instruction. The project is typically completed during the junior or senior year. Supporting programs and courses taken during the freshman and sophomore years help toward the development and completion of a successful research/creative project.

Proposal Guidelines

When invited, students wishing to complete the College of Agriculture Scholars Program need to submit an honors project proposal to the College of Agriculture Honors Committee, the deadlines for submitting applications are typically in October and March.

For more information contact:
Dr. Christine Wilson
Ag Academic Programs
117 Waters Hall

Click here for Detailed Instructions.

University Honors Program

For information, contact the University Honors Program Director, Dr. Stephen Kiefer.