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University Honors Program

Kansas State University’s Honors Program is designed to provide exceptional students with an understanding of contemporary concepts of common and diverse intellectual traditions, as well as discipline-specific knowledge and abilities. Through completion of required course work, students gain global awareness and competence in dealing with an increasingly diverse world. By the time they graduate they will have had educational experiences that emphasize scholarship, critical thinking and intellectual curiosity. A total of 15 credit hours, an honors project and student portfolio must be completed to graduate in the honors program.

For more information about the university honors program click here.

University Honors Program Requirements

I. University Requirements (7)

• GENAG 020: University Honors Program (each semester)

• GENAG 189: Introduction to University Honors Program (1)

• Six additional credits. University honors courses generated by the University Honors Program director each semester. These courses can be honors courses, honors sections of courses, courses with honors contracts or elective seminars (most are 3 credit hours). Alternative opportunities (e.g., study abroad) to generate university level honor credit hours may be considered.

II. College Requirements (7-8)

• GENAG 515: Honors Project (2). Written and oral report required upon completion of research or creative project, AND

Two of the following options (5-6):

Option 1:

• GENAG 396: Research Topic and Proposal Development (2 credits)

Option 2:

• GENAG 780: International Ag Seminar(1 credit); AND

• GENAG 505: Comparative Agriculture OR other approved equivalent international study experience credit (2-3 credits)

Option 3:

• Course(s) numbered 600 and above (3 credits)

Option 4:

• Course(s) meeting university honors requirements (3 credits); must be approved by honors program director

Note: To complete the honors program, a student must complete a total of 14-15 credits and may not use any course to count toward both the university and college requirement sections.