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Student Life

Kansas State University and the College of Agriculture provide many resources to help students who need assistance with academics, campus life, personal issues and financial guidance. A good place to start is contacting your academic advisor or the Academic Programs Office who can assist you and provide direction. We want you to be a successful student. Seek help early!

Academic and Career Information Center – Take advantage of ACIC as they provide assistance to students seeking to declare their initial major, to those contemplating changing their major, and to those seeking to identify potential careers which fit with a given major. Students may take a free career assessment at ACIC and/or enroll in Academic and Career Decisions which covers such topics as exploring careers, defining values and help with using K-State academic and career resources. Holton Hall 14 532-7494

Career and Employment Services – In addition to assisting K-State graduates with all facets of their job search, Career and Employment Services (CES) posts thousands of part-time employment and experiential learning opportunities for currently enrolled students. CES assists students seeking internships, conducts multiple career fairs throughout the year and schedules on-campus interviews for hundreds of employers annually. Workshops are conducted on such topics as dining etiquette, developing a resume’, and conducting a job search. Scheduled appointments and walk-in assistance are both available. Information about your personalized CES account and other online resources can be accessed via the CES website. Holtz Hall 100 532-6506

College of Agriculture Office of Diversity Programs - The Diversity Programs Office is dedicated to providing and promoting leadership opportunities, understanding, goodwill, diversity and friendship among the College of Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension.

Counseling Services - provides comprehensive counseling and mental health services for all K-State students. Individual, couple and group counseling is offered to discuss academic, career or personal concerns. Psychological testing, consultation bio-feedback-training and other psychological services are available. Workshops and short programs are offered on topics such as stress management, assertiveness training, career life planning, eating disorders and alcohol dependency. English and Counseling Building 532-6927

Disability Services – ensures that student with any type of disability has equal access to all services and programs offered at K-State. Services and accommodations are individually designed to address the specific needs of the student. Examples of accommodations are sign language interpreters, testing accommodations, note taking assistance, varied textbooks and resident hall modifications. Students are encouraged to apply prior to coming to campus and must provide documentation of their disability. Holton Hall 201 532-6441

International Student Centerprovides services to more than 1,400 international students, scholars, and their families. Such service includes advice on U.S. immigration regulations, support during their stay in the U.S. and cultural programs. International Student Center 104 532-6448

Lafene Student Health Centera professionally accredited healthcare facility that employs full-time physicians and a broad range of clinical support staff. The center provides health care services to the K-State student body through the general medical clinics plus several specialty clinics including a Women’s Center, an Allergy and Immunization clinic, an Asthma Clinic, a Sports Medicine Clinic, a Travel Clinic and Physical Therapy. A medical laboratory, pharmacy and radiology departments are also available. 1105 Sunset Avenue 532-6544

Non-Traditional Students and Veterans Services– works with both non-traditional students (25 and older, married, parents) and veterans to provide them with information, connect them with resources, advocate on their behalf, and provide encouragement. The service also offers information about scholarship opportunities and assists with the application process. Holton Hall 101 532-6434

Recreational Services– provides K-State students the facilities and programs to be fit and have fun. The department administers the Chester E. Peters Recreation Complex, the natatorium, the Outdoor Rental Center, and numerous outdoor facilities. Recreational Services also coordinates and schedules over 50 different intramural activities, including team, individual and meet sports. A wide variety of group fitness sessions are offered along with an extensive sport club program. The department also administers the K-State Challenge Course and has a staff of personal trainers and athletic trainers. Chester E. Peters Rec Complex 532-6980

Powercat Financial Counseling Center The center provides information and assistance on financial decisions to K-State students on such topics as banking, budgeting, credit and responsible credit card use,saving, identity theft, etc. Center services are free to students. K-State Union Ground Floor 532-6541