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College of Agriculture

Transfer to K-State

Are you considering taking your education to a different level?

More than 40 percent of the students enrolled in the College of Agriculture are transfer students from other colleges or universities. We are ready to work with you.

Information is available on the university Web site regarding transfer student enrollment and admissions procedures that will fully explain the process you need to complete. Following your application and admission into a K-State program, your transcripts will be sent to the College of Agriculture for further review. Your evaluated transcript will be ready for you and your advisor when you come to campus to enroll.

Interested in how a class will transfer to K-State? Transfer equivalenciesare available on the K-State home-page for nearly all Kansas colleges and a variety of other educational institutions

If you have questions about transferring into the College of Agriculture, contact the Academic Programs office at (785) 532-5736 or e-mail your questions to Sharon Thielen, sthielen@ksu.edu.