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International Agricultural Programs

The K-State College of Agriculture has a long history of outstanding international agriculture programs in teaching, research and technical assistance. Since 1956, K-State has extended its outreach mandate to serve people throughout the world. The College has two principal goals which drive the international interest and activities:

  • To promote and stimulate international education, collaborative research, and technical assistance among our students and faculty.
  • To represent the international dimension of the College of Agriculture to other academic units within Kansas State University and with other universities and research institutes, as well as to the local community.

Faculty members have participated in short-courses, technical assistance assignments, and sabbatical activities throughout the world. Many of these activities were through development projects funded by USAID, which focused on strengthening agricultural research and Extension in universities and government ministries.

An ever increasing number of K-State students are including an international study component to their academic programs. These occur through study tours, internships, summer study, and semester abroad programs. The College of Agriculture also hosts numerous international students and scholars from our numerous cooperative agreement institutions.


Undergraduate students:
Don Boggs
Associate Dean

Graduate students:
Contact the respective department of your choice or the K-State Office of International Programs

Nina Lilja
Associate Dean of International Agricultural Programs

Steven Graham
Assistant to the Dean