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College of Agriculture

College of Agriculture
Kansas State University
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We've scheduled a few tours around town during the conference. Sign your group up today!

Kansas Wheat

Tour begins at 2pm Thursday
1990 Kimball Ave. (Manhattan)

Tour the Kansas Wheat Innovation Center, a 35,000 square foot space including research laboratories, greenhouses, and the home of the Kansas Association of Wheat Growers and Kansas Wheat Commission. Learn about the latest advances in wheat research. Tour will last approximately one hour and will be capped at 20 people.

Kansas Wheat tour is full.


Liquid Art Winery & Estate

Tour begins at 4pm Thursday
1745 Wildcat Creek Rd (Manhattan)

Tour the Liquid Art Winery and Estate, a new vineyard and winery just outside of town. You'll see their 10 acres covered with 7,000 grapevines, as well as their event venue and Tasting Room. Tour cost is $6/person and will be collected at the beginning of the tour. 

Sign up for the Liquid Art Winery & Estate tour here.


Hal Ross Flour Mill

Tour begins at 1pm Friday
1980 Agriculture Rd (Manhattan)

Tour the Hal Ross Flour Mill, a state-of-the-art pilot scale flour mill used for teaching, research and industry training at Kansas State University. The mill has a daily capacity of 400cwt/day flour or 24mt/day wheat milled. Tour will last approximately one hour and will be capped at 20 people. Close-toed shoes required.

Sign up for the Hal Ross Flour Mill tour here.


O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center

Tour begins at 2pm Friday
1980 Agriculture Rd (Manhattan)

Tour the O.H. Kruse Feed Technology Innovation Center, a world-class facility designed to address the urgent needs of the livestock feed industry while providing the vision, flexibility and capacity to address the future of our industry. The facility is used to teach the sciences of feed processing, feed development and grain handling. Tour will last approximately one hour and will be capped at 20 people. Close-toed shoes required.

O.H. Kruse Feed Mill tour is full.


Konza Prairie Bison Loop Tour

Tour begins at 10am Saturday
100 Konza Prairie Ln (Manhattan)

Tour the 3,487 hectare native tallgrass Konza Prairie. The prairire is home to a herd of 300 bison. Your tour of the "Bison Loop" will include seeing the herd and spectacular views of the prairie. The tour is capped at 26 people. 

Sign up for the Konza Prairie Bison Loop tour here.