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Agreement Templates
Agreement Template Descriptions


NIFA Proposal Information
NIFA List of RFAs
NIFA RFA Schedule
Centers of Excellence
New Investigator and Training Grant Information (includes funding opportunities for undergraduate, graduate and post doc training as well as new investigator awards.  At approximately 37:56 minutes of the recorded Adobe Seminar they discuss the eligibility criteria for New Investigator)


Faculty Early Career Development Program (CAREER)


Dual Purpose with Dual Benefit: Research in Biomedicine and Agriculture Using Agriculturally Important Domestic Animal Species
Due Dates
Page Limitations
Biosketch Information
New and Early Stage Investigators

We also have these publications available upon request:

    • 50 Pearls of NIH Grant Application Wisdom
    • NIH Short Form Application (how to manual to help you improve your grant success)
    • NIH vs. NSF: A Comparison & Guide for Biomedical Researchers Seeking Grants
    • NIH R01 Grant Application Mentor: An Instructional Manual
    • Export Controls & Academic Research: Know Your Compliance Responsibility
    • Prepare a More Competitive MRI Grant Application
    • Complying with RCR Training Requirements
    • Shared Instrumentation Grants: The Secrets to S10 Success
    • Laboratory Animal Welfare Compliance: 26 Expert Strategies Every PI Should Know
    • Expert Advice on 17 Challenges in Assurance Laboratory Animal Welfare
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