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Change Agent States Catalyst Team


A Diversity Catalyst Team is a task force made up of a representative group from every sector of the organization. This team encompasses members of all group identities across the range of differences that include but are not limited to gender, race, sexual orientation, spiritual beliefs, abilities, class, rank, tenure, and age. The team is supported by the organization to work together to design the vision and the implementation strategies that create the climate for change. The team works in partnership with the
administrative leadership to actualize the strategies, and serves as a resource to the system on diversity and multicultural organizational development.

  • To build the capacity of the Land Grant System to function inclusively and effectively in a multicultural world.
  • To set standards and implement a vision for supporting healthy, thriving, culturally diverse communities through Extension, research and academic programs

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If you are interested in Change Agent States or would like more information, please contact

Zelia Wiley
Assistant Dean for Diversity
Kansas State University Kansas State University
139 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS Manhattan, KS
Phone: 785-532-5793