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Transfer Student BRIDGE Program

Develop a Kansas Transfer Student BRIDGE Program will develop the full-semester experience for BRIDGE students, who will be paired with a faculty mentor (woman or minority if available, others as appropriate) in one of the College of Agriculture academic departments for the full-semester experience (Spring) to take courses, participate in career development and recruiting events, conduct a research / extension / teaching project, and prepare a written paper and presentation. Develop a Transfer Student BRIDGE program whereby women and underrepresented minority students attending Kansas community colleges who are considering transferring to the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University would be identified and invited to apply and move to campus during the second semester of their sophomore year for a full-semester experience

Students selected to participate in the K-State program will be paired with faculty that match a student's interests. Faculty and other members of the research team are committed to working closely with the students to train them in research techniques as well as assist the student in prospering in the full-semester experience. Students will attend classes applying directly to their specific major.

Students will attend weekly seminars (e-Mentoring) with other the College of Agriculture Multicultural Undergraduate Transfer students to learn more about the demands of the College of Agriculture at Kansas State University experience. At the end of the program, students will be expected to present an oral presentation about activities at the e-Mentoring and, together with their faculty sponsor, have an opportunity to evaluate their summer experience.

Transfer Bridge Students