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College of Agriculture

Wallace Kidd Award

The purpose of this biennial award is to recognize outstanding diversity accomplishments of faculty, staff and students at Kansas State University. Recipients have demonstrated a commitment to diversity on the University campus or in the community through mentoring, outreach initiatives and other activities which advance the institution’s goal of inclusion. This award was established in memory of Wallace Ray Kidd. Kidd was a family man and community leader. He set an example for everyone, students, adults, faculty, community, black and white. This Award is truly a fitting commemoration of his legacy and commitment.

Wallace Ray Kidd's Impact

2019 Recipients

Meet the 2019 Wallace Kidd Recipients 

Dr. Ernest J. Minton

Dr. Ernest J. Minton
Interim Dean of the College of Agriculture,
Interim Director of K-State Research and Extension (KSRE)

Dr. Zelia Wiley

Dr. Zelia Z. Wiley
Assistant Dean of Diversity Programs
College of Agriculture


The K-State MANRRS chapter would like to thank Dr. Minton and Dr. Wiley for continuously advocating for diversity, equity, and inclusion of underrepresented groups at Kansas State University. 


Past Recipients


Dr. Ernie Minton

Dr. Zelia Wiley

Interim Dean of the College of Agriculture, Interim Director of K-State Research and Extension

Assistant Dean for Diversity Programs

2017Dr. John FlorosDean of the College of Agriculture, Director of K-State Research and Extension
2015Dr. Don Boggs

Associate Dean for Academic Programs Office College of Agriculture

2013Larry Moeder

Assistant vice president for student life Director of Student financial assistance Director of Admissions

2011Steven GrahamAssistant to the Dean & Director for K-State College of Agriculture and Research and Extension
2009Dr. Reggie McGowan (posthumously)Director of K-State's Office for Educational Opportunity Programs
2007Steve LevinK-State Union Bookstore Manager
2005Dr. Miles McKeeAnimal Science & Industry Professor