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Jayne Bock

Jayne BockGlobal Technical Leader- Food Applications at C.W. Brabender Instruments
Education: Feed Science B.S.; Food Science M.A.
Graduation Year: 2004; 2006

During her time at K-State, Jayne completed an internship with ADM Alliance Nutrition. This internship helped Jayne solidify what she wanted to do after graduation.

"I have a passion for animals, but I didn't want to pursue animal science or veterinary medicine," Jayne said. "Feed science presented an opportunity to pursue that passion in another discipline."

After finishing her undergrad and masters at K-State, she completed a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Jayne's career then started in a post-doctoral position at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. She transitioned from a fellowship to the position of adjunct professor and research associate. In January of 2016, Jayne began her current role with C.W. Brabender Instruments. She loves that her job allows her to bring science to people. 

Set Up for Success

Jayne appreciated the connection that K-State Ag has to industry. Industry representatives are on campus often to talk about the opportunities within their companies. They speak at club meetings and recruit at the career fairs; students have many opportunities to learn about the possibilities for their futures.

"The level of instruction and industry connection were absolutely essential to set me up for success."

Students also take advantage of involvement opportunities during their time at K-State. Jayne was no exception to this.  Being involved in Collegiate 4-H, Ag Ambassadors, Collegiate Agri-Women and the Feed Science Club gave Jayne opportunities to develop and strengthen leadership skills while also growing her network. 

"The friends I made at K-State have also led to work opportunities and collaboration in my various positions."

A Summer Abroad

While at K-State, Jayne chose to spend a summer studying abroad.

"I wanted to do something different every summer."

After working in the Grain Science feed mill the summer after freshman year, Jayne decided to study abroad between her sophomore and junior years at the Czech Agricultural University near Prague.

"The study abroad program allowed me to experience agriculture from a European perspective."

Jayne said she benefited greatly from this perspective because it allowed her to begin viewing concerns in agriculture from a global perspective, rather than just the effects on American ag.

"It has been a valuable experience in the long run as it aids my understanding of agricultural concerns and issues experienced by my global colleagues, scientists and customers."