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Agricultural Education

Agricultural education is a major with excellent employment potential and that offers a broad view of agriculture. Students learn about

  • agricultural science,
  • animal science,
  • horticulture,
  • agribusiness,
  • agricultural technology management,
  • leadership, 
  • crops,
  • soils,
  • and education. 

This combination of courses, along with professional education and an emphasis on communication skills, prepares graduates for challenging careers in agriculture.


Student profile

Student Profile:Cody

“I love working with great people, and agricultural education allows me to do this. Coursework has helped me develop people and teaching skills and increased my understanding of agriculture. Whether I use this in the classroom as a teacher, in an office as an extension agent, or in some other business, this program has helped me grow.”

Cody Holliday
Soldier, Kansas


Professional Opportunities

Students with a degree in Agricultural Education from the K-State department of communications and agricultural education, prepares students for careers as agricultural education teachers, extension agents, agricultural finance representatives, crop consultants, educational supervisors, human resource specialists, international agriculture consultants, production agriculture managers, program coordinators and sales/service representatives.

Degree Options

Agricultural Education

View the agricultural education curriculum guide (pdf)

The agricultural education curriculum develops a diverse agricultural background. While majoring in agricultural education, many students easily achieve a minor within a department in the College of Agriculture such as animal science and industry or agronomy.