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Ag Technology Management

The agricultural technology management (ATM) program develops technology managers who possess an understanding of agricultural and biological sciences, business management skills, and advanced problem-solving capabilities.

Student profile

Student Profile:Brad

“Agricultural technology management is the right major for me because it combines science and business. Courses let me use what I already know about products to develop new and better products for the industry. Faculty members are leaders in their fields. They are also personable, so it’s easy to bond. I’d like to work as a customer support representative for agricultural manufacturer.”

Brad Ellenz
Beloit, Kansas


Professional Opportunities

Students with a degree in Agricultural Technology Management are prepared for careers in 

  • technical management positions in off-road machinery systems,
  • natural resources and environmental sciences,
  • grain handling and processing systems,
  • food processing systems,
  • agribusiness,
  • production agriculture.

Degree Options

Agricultural Technology Management

View the agricultural technology management curriculum guide (pdf)

Graduates might work for agricultural equipment manufacturing companies; agribusiness firms; grain handling, distribution, and processing companies; dealerships; agrichemical companies; government agencies; financial institutions; or in production agriculture. Typical positions include field-test technician, field test engineer, operations manager, chemical applicator, aerial applicator, terminal elevator manager, dealership manager, district conservationist, loan officer, bank manager. Over the past five years, more than 95 percent of students have been employed by the time they graduate, with average starting salaries of more than $45,000.

Find the ATM Elective Course Guide here (pdf)