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Food Science and Industry

K-State’s nationally recognized undergraduate food science and industry program is approved by the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT). This program provides excellent training in science and business for students who will work in food science and related professions in industry, academia, and government.

Student profile

Student Profile:Brooke

"I’ve always loved trying new things in the kitchen. Ever since I was young, I have had a knack for science. When I realized the two things could be combined, I decided on Food Science. Not only will I be doing something something I love, it will always be in demand."

Brooke Jackson
Arkansas City, Kansas


Professional Opportunities

Students with a degree in Food Science and Industry are prepared for careers as 

  • food production managers,
  • quality assurance specialists,
  • food safety/HACCP managers,
  • sales and marketing specialists,
  • technical sales representatives, 
  • product and process developers,
  • laboratory analysts,
  • product develop team members,
  • advertising and communications representatives.

Degree Options


View the science curriculum guide (pdf)

The science option emphasizes the basic sciences and prepares you for more technical jobs, product development, and graduate school. Generally, students are required to take an additional 3 hours of Quantitative Studies, and 10 more hours of Physical Sciences. The science option curriculum interfaces well with Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Pre-Medicine requirements.


View the business curriculum guide (pdf)

Students in the business option must minor in business, agribusiness, or agricultural economics as they prepare for management and other opportunities in the food industry. Generally, the minor is 15 hours of selected business-related courses.


View the technology curriculum guide (pdf)