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Feed Science and Management

Kansas State University’s feed science and management program is a unique four-year degree program. It is the only one in the world designed to train individuals specifically for positions in the feed, biofuel, and related industries. Advantages in earning a degree in feed science include plentiful job opportunities in a large, stable industry, good starting salaries, promotion possibilities, scholarships, and summer jobs and internships. Options exist in feed production, biofuels production, and pet nutrition.

Student profile

Student Profile:Ashton

I’m glad to be a part of the feed science program for many reasons — the contact with professors and companies, the excitement of learning something new every day, and the chance to develop knowledge and leadership ability. With the new feed mill complete, I am looking forward to hands-on learning experiences that will give me a better understanding of how each machine is used in the industry."

Ashton Yoder
Welda, Kansas


Professional Opportunities

Students with a degree in Feed Science and Management are prepared for careers in 

  • plant operations and management in feed,
  • pet food and related industries,
  • corporate management,
  • quality control,
  • research and development,
  • ingredient procurement,
  • sales, 
  • processing facility design,
  • equipment design and manufacturing. 

Degree Options

Feed Production

View the feed production curriculum guide (pdf)

The Feed Production option is intended for those who wish to follow the conventional feed science program to prepare for careers in the feed manufacturing and animal nutrition fields, including pet food manufacturing and other allied industries.

Pet-Food Production

View the pet-food production curriculum guide (pdf)

The pet food production option is set to train students for a wide range of career opportunities in the pet industry. They can become processing managers, or work in research and development, quality assurance, or regulatory control.


View the pre-vet production curriculum guide (pdf)

Students may complete pre-vet professional requirements while attaining a feed science and management degree.