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Pre-Veterinary Medicine

The pre-veterinary medicine program in the College of Agriculture benefits students working toward admission to veterinary school. Students work with a faculty advisor to find the best classes for their individual needs. While fulfilling the pre-vet curriculum, students can take additional courses to apply their skills.  

The College of Veterinary Medicine does not offer a Bachelor of Science degree. The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is awarded following the successful completion of a minimum of 64 hours in pre-professional requirements and four years in the professional curriculum.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture-Veterinary Medicine (BVMA): College of Agriculture students admitted into a College of Veterinary Medicine without a Bachelor of Science degree will be granted a bachelor’s of Veterinary Medicine after successfully completing two years of the professional program.

Student profile

Student Profile:Hannah

"You truly do receive the full package at K-State. The College of Agriculture offers phenomenal programs, especially for pre-veterinary students, including hands-on learning in classes with the chance to apply that knowledge, faculty advisors who are involved in teaching and research, a variety of clubs and activities. My experiences as an undergraduate have more than prepared me for veterinary school. The collaboration between the colleges of agriculture and veterinary medicine is unrivaled, and the education here is truly first class."

Hannah Leventhal
Arvada, Colorado

Possible Careers

Veterinarian, researcher, educator, public health administrator, nutrition specialist, wildlife manager, physiologist.

Further Information

There are several options students have for completing the admission requirements. The first option is to enroll in Pre-Veterinary Agriculture and complete the required 64 hours.

Another option, which is recommended, is to complete a bachelor of science degree while working toward the vet school admissions requirement. Click below to visit different majors within the College of Agriculture that offer a Pre-Veterinary Medicine options. 

Agricultural Economics (pdf)

Animal Science and Industry (pdf)

Feed Science and Management (pdf)

Food Science and Management (pdf)


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