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Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management

Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management (WOEM) is the first bachelor of science degree to train professional operations managers for hunting/shooting preserves and resorts, gamebird production companies, fishing resorts and outdoor experience companies that offer trail riding, nature study, bird-watching, backcountry hiking, and camping.

Student profile

Student Profile:BJ

"This program prepares me to make a living doing something I truly love. It gives me a chance to follow my dreams – to introduce future generations to the outdoors and continue traditions passed on by other outdoorsmen."

BJ Finney
Andale, Kansas


Professional Opportunities

Graduates will be prepared to manage many types of recreational enterprises.

  • hunting preserves and controlled shooting areas,
  • gamebird production companies,
  • hunting resorts/outfitter companies,
  • guide service companies,
  • big game production companies,
  • shooting-sports facilities,
  • fishing/hunting resorts,
  • outdoor adventure companies. 

Degree Options

Wildlife and Outdoor Enterprise Management

View the wildlife and outdoor enterprise management curriculum guide (pdf)