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Agricultural Economics

Ag Econ students working on a project

Study the effect of economic factors on agricultural and food industries. Examine the impact of the behavior of individuals, businesses and government on the global economy as it applies to agriculture. Apply economic principles to make decisions and solve problems related to production, distribution and consumption of agricultural goods and services. Prepare for a variety of careers improving the agricultural industry and economic procedures.

What You’ll Study

Expand your knowledge of economic principles, market structures, data analysis, finance and policy. Develop skills in communication, decision-making and leadership by taking courses in Ag Finance, Production Economics, Risk Management, Global Development and Price Analysis and Forecasting. Gain hands-on experience as you trade commodities, develop economic plans and assess and manage risk.

Curriculum guides:

Specialty   |   Farm & Ranch Management   |   Pre-Vet  

Natural Resources   |   Pre-Law   |   Quantitative


Grain MerchandiserInternational Development SpecialistAttorney
Sales RepresentativeCommodity BrokerFarmer/Rancher
Feedlot OperatorCrop Insurance AgentTrade Associate
Marketing SpecialistFinancial Services SpecialistVeterinarian
Extension AgentCattle Procurement AssociateAnalyst

Employers include: producers, food and value-added companies, agricultural input manufacturers, grain companies, cooperatives, banks and credit unions.  

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