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Agricultural Education

Ag Education Students in the Greenhouse

Prepare to teach agriculture or agricultural sciences in secondary and post-secondary schools. The broad curriculum and emphasis on people skills will prepare you for numerous other careers as well. With a near 100% job placement, Agricultural Education provides excellent employment potential. Upon graduation, you'll also be licensed to teach in Kansas. 


What You’ll Study

Learn from virtually every facet of agriculture and specialize in working with people. Take classes in subject areas like animal science, agribusiness, plant science, food science, and agricultural mechanics. Gain real-life, hands-on experience in teaching courses and during your professional teaching internship. During your final semester, work with a cooperating teacher to design instruction, advise the local FFA Chapter, and oversee Supervised Agricultural Experience programs.

Agricultural Education Curriculum Guide



High School Agricultural Education Teacher4-H and Youth Extension AgentAgribusiness Sales Representative
Farm and Ranch ManagerHuman Resource SpecialistProgram Coordinator
Curriculum DeveloperEducation Consultant 

Employers include: high schools, community colleges, animal health companies, soil conservation service, agricultural finance companies, and government agencies. 


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Tagged to Teach Ag

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