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Bakery Science and Management

Bagels Made by Students

Study the science and technology behind baked goods. See firsthand how ingredients and processing techniques impact the texture, flavor, and final attributes of baked goods. Prepare for a satisfying career helping meet the global needs of our world.

What You’ll Study

Learn about the commercial baking industry and related areas as you take courses in bakery and cereal science, milling, and flour and dough testing. Develop and use skills in chemistry, math and microbiology. Gain hands-on experiences in labs, summer internships, and involvement in Bakery Science club to prepare you for the challenges in the baking industry.

Curriculum guides: Production Management   |   Cereal Chemistry 



Technical Sales RepresentativeProduction SupervisorBaking Technologist
Quality Control SupervisorNew Product Development ResearcherPlant and Production Manager
Quality Assurance Technician Bakery Manager

Employers include: ingredient suppliers, food companies, trade organizations, baking companies and equipment manufacturers.

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