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Food Science and Industry

Students working in Food Science Lab

Apply your interests in the basic sciences with the development, manufacturing, evaluation, marketing, and safety of food products. K-State’s Food Science and Industry program is nationally recognized and approved by the Institute of Food Technologists. Prepare for a variety of careers, including human and animal health fields. 


What You’ll Study

Study all aspects of the food industry including the chemical and physical make-up of food products, concepts behind harvesting and processing of food, and food microbiology and food safety. Gain hands-on experiences through lab courses, where food products are created and analyzed. Take courses and develop skills in areas such as food processing, food microbiology, food chemistry, physical analysis, and food product development.

Curriculum guides: Science   |   Business   |   Technology   |   Pre-Health



Product ResearcherFood ProcessorProduct Development Specialist
Quality Assurance SpecialistProduct GraderProcess Researcher
Flavor ResearcherFood ScientistTechnical Sales Representative
Advertising/Marketing SpecialistApplied Food TechnicianFood Safety Specialist
Product Development ChemistAnalytical TechnicianQuality Program Manager

Employers include: all areas of the food system, including the food industry, allied industries, regulatory organizations, and non-governmental organizations.

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