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International Ag Minor

Experiential learning through international study and travel broadens horizons and increases understanding of global issues by allowing students to examine different agricultural systems, the global marketplace, and the role of social values in food consumption patterns. This minor will add value to undergraduate degree programs, enhance employment opportunities with multinational corporations, and prepare students to function in diverse communities.

The minor requires completion of 15 credit hours. The program is open only to majors in the College of Agriculture. It consists of one foundation course, a foreign language, an international experience, and a capstone seminar. Students are required to complete at least two semesters of university-level foreign language courses. The international experience may consist of a travel study course, study abroad, community service, or internship. Academic credit can be granted for international experiences.

The projected student learning outcomes from completing the International Ag Minor are:

1 – students will improve their knowledge and understanding of global agricultural issues:

2 – students will be able to communicate about the interrelationships between domestic and international agricultural practices and policies:

3 – students will develop basic skills in a second language;

4 – students will enhance their multicultural competency.

For more information contact Don Boggs at dboggs@ksu.edu.

Minor Requirements

Foundation course (3 hours)
AGEC 315 Contemporary Issues in Global Food and Agricultural Systems
AGEC 710 Comparative Food and Agriculture Systems

Foreign language courses (8 - 10 hours) 
Students must complete or quiz out of two semesters of one foreign language

International experience (1-3 hours)
GENAG 505 Comparative Agriculture or departmental internship, problems, topic course, or departmental travel course.

Capstone seminar (1 hour)
GENAG 690 Seminar in International Agriculture