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College of Agriculture

Pre-Veterinary Medicine


Successfully complete the pre-veterinary medicine requirements in the College of Agriculture and apply for admission to the College of Veterinary Medicine. 


What You’ll Study

The College of Veterinary Medicine does not offer a Bachelor of Science degree. The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine is awarded following the successful completion of a minimum of 64 hours in pre-professional requirements and four years in the professional curriculum.

Bachelor of Science in Agriculture-Veterinary Medicine (BVMA): College of Agriculture students admitted into a College of Veterinary Medicine without a Bachelor of Science degree will be granted a Bachelor’s of Veterinary Medicine after successfully completing two years of the professional program.


PhysiologistZoo VeterinarianWildlife Manager
Nutrition SpecialistMarketing SpecialistPublic Health Administrator

Employers include: regulatory agencies, government agencies, pharmaceutical companies, zoos, state and municipal inspection services, environmental health agencies, animal health firms, US. Army Corps and laboratory animal programs.


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