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The K-State College of Agriculture awards over $1 million in scholarships every year. For first year students, the college scholarship award includes the amount given by the departments. Students will receive the same amount of scholarships regardless of the major they choose. For current students, awards are given both at the college and department level. The College of Agriculture seeks to reward returning students for their academic efforts. Any student who maintains a 3.5 K-State GPA receives scholarships for the upcoming year.

To Apply

Incoming students: Choose a major within the College of Agriculture when applying for admission and complete the university scholarship application. You can contact the K-State Admissions office at any time to change your major.  The priority date to submit the K-State scholarship application is December 1 for incoming freshman students and February 1 for incoming transfer students.

Returning students: Complete the K-State Scholarship Network Application by February 1.

University Scholarships

K-State awarded more the $5 million in scholarships last year. Approximately 90 percent of university scholarship are awarded on the basis of merit. The remaining awards are based on a combination of financial need and achievement in academic areas, activities, or athletics. View all university scholarships and criteria.