Agricultural Technology Management

Prepare for technical management positions in food and agricultural industries. Focus may include food processing systems, soil and water management, power and machinery systems, electrical systems and electronics, environmental management or agricultural building systems.

What You’ll Study

Understand technical systems, agricultural sciences, and management of people and resources through courses grounded in engineering principles, agricultural sciences, and business management strategies. Gain hands-on experiences in the machinery systems, hydraulics, instrumentation and control laboratories. Customize the curriculum to fit your career aspirations. Focus your education on agricultural and industrial machinery systems, grain handling and processing systems, livestock systems, natural resource systems, precision agricultural technologies or production agriculture.


Field Test Analyst Service Manager Crop Consultant
Engineering Manager Sales Representative Plant Manager
Precision Agriculture Specialist Engineering Technician Operations Manager
Production Supervisor Product Support Specialist Field Test Technician
Farm Manager

Employers include: farm equipment manufacturers, government agencies, agribusiness firms, implement dealers, natural resource conservation service, financial institutions and engine manufacturers.

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