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College of Agriculture

College of Agriculture
Kansas State University
114 Waters Hall
1603 Old Claflin Pl
Manhattan, KS 66506-4004


2019 Results

Agricultural Communications: Individual | Team

Agricultural Sales: IndividualTeam

Agronomy: Individual (Detailed) | Team

Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems: IndividualTeam

Dairy Cattle Evaluation: IndividualTeam 

Entomology: IndividualTeam

Farm & Agribusiness Management: IndividualTeam

Floriculture: IndividualTeam

Food Science & Technology: IndividualTeam

Horse Evaluation: IndividualTeam

Livestock Evaluation: IndividualTeam 

Meats Evaluation & Technology: IndividualTeam

Milk Quality & Products: IndividualTeam

Nursery/Landscape: IndividualTeam

Poultry Evaluation: IndividualTeam

Veterinary Science: IndividualTeam

2018 Results

Ag Communications

Ag Sales Individual, Team

Agronomy IndividualTeam  (by chapter)

Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems IndividualTeam

Dairy Cattle IndividualTeam 

Entomology IndividualTeam

Farm Business Management Individual, Team

Floriculture IndividualTeam

Food Science IndividualTeam

Horse Evaluation IndividualTeam

Livestock Evaluation IndividualTeam 

Meats Evaluation & Technology IndividualTeam

Milk Quality & Products IndividualTeam

Nursery/Landscape IndividualTeam

Poultry Evaluation IndividualTeam

Veterinary Science IndividualTeam


2017 Results

Ag Communications

Agronomy IndividualTeam  (by chapter)

Ag Sales

Agricultural Technology & Mechanical Systems IndividualTeam

Dairy Cattle IndividualTeam  (by chapter)

Entomology IndividualTeam

Farm Business Management

Floriculture IndividualTeam

Food Science IndividualTeam

Horse Evaluation IndividualTeam  (by chapter) 

Livestock IndividualTeam  (by chapter) 

Meats IndividualTeam  (by chapter) 

Milk Quality & Products IndividualTeam  (by chapter) 

Nursery/Landscape IndividualTeam

Poultry IndividualTeam  (by chapter) 

Veterinary Science IndividualTeam  (by chapter) 


2016 Results

2015 Results

2014 Results

Ag Communications

Agribusiness Management


Ag Sales

Ag Mechanics

Dairy Cattle

Dairy Foods



Food Science






Veterinary Science



Medals and Plaques are courtesy of the KSU Ag Alumni Association and the Manhattan Convention and Visitors Bureau. Team Plaques: First, second and third place teams will receive a plaque for their ranking in each of the events. Gold Medals: A medal will be awarded to each of the ten high individuals in the Gold Division, in each of the events.

Teams and individuals competing will be ranked by their scores in each of the events. The highest 50 percent of teams and individuals competing in each event will receive special recognition as follows: (1) the highest 10 percent to be placed in the Gold Division; (2) the next 20 percent to be placed in the Silver Division; and (3) the next 20 percent to be placed in the Bronze Division.

Ties & Tabulations

  • Team and individual tie scores in the Dairy Cattle, Horse and Livestock events will be broken in favor of the team or individual receiving the highest total reasons score.
  • Ties in the Meats event will be broken by questions.
  • High team score in identification will be used to break tie scores in the Floriculture and Nursery/Landscape events.
  • Team and individual tie scores in Food Science and Technology will be broken using the examination score (for teams, all four team member scores will be added) for the first tiebreaker, followed by the highest food safety practicum score as the second tiebreaker. The third tiebreaker is the aroma score, followed by the triangle test as the fourth tiebreaker. If the tie is not broken by these tiebreakers, the coordinators will select the most challenging food safety photo question from the food safety practicum as the fifth tiebreaker.
  • The team and individual tie scores in the Agronomy event will be broken by seed analysis (first), grain grading (second), and identification.
  • Tiebreakers in Dairy Foods are: 1. Milk Marketing / Written Test 2. Milker/Unit Score and Defects 3. Cheese ID
  • Tiebreakers in Veterinary Science are: 1. Identification Scores 2. Written Exam Scores 3. Scenario questions 4. Practicums

The best efforts of university personnel will be utilized to provide all official results at the awards ceremony. Any contest tabulation not completed by the end of the awards ceremony will be available on the web site as soon as possible.

In the event of an error in tabulation of CDE results, the K-State Chair of the CDE coordinating committee and the specific CDE coordinator will resolve written appeals associated only with tabulation errors. Written appeals from ag advisors must be made within 48 hours of the posting of CDE results on the web. Contest coordinators may also initiate a review of the tabulation. Except for such written appeals in which tabulation error(s) are detected, results posted on the web are considered final and official results. When tabulation errors have been determined for individual student awards, duplication of medals or certificates may be necessary. When errors have been determined for team awards, plaques must be returned by the team(s) who received them in error. Official judge’s decisions are final and are not eligible for appeal.