K-State agriculture students working with moisture sensors

Innovative Agriculture

Achieving big and bold advancements requires new ways of thinking and working.

Innovative Agriculture Serves Kansas and the World

Our stakeholders need solutions and highly skilled and talented people to deploy them.

K-State is working to realize a strategic vision to build and renovate College of Agriculture facilities that will make it possible to:

  • Increase research production
  • Advance agricultural technology
  • Recruit faculty and students from across the nation and world
  • Expand K-State's reach and influence through new and unique relationships and partnerships

Through an inter-related systems approach to teaching, research and engagement, we are creaing life-changing experiences for students and all we serve by:

  • Developing and diversifing the food and agriculture economy
  • Creating a specialized workforce
  • Expanding research funding
  • Catalyzing stronger public-private partnerships
  • Enhancing existing research centers
  • Developing innovative production and business solutions