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College of Agriculture

Faculty Research Areas

What We Are Doing

  • Helping entrepreneurs develop products safely under current regulations.
  • Developing new crop varieties that suit the Kansas climate and meet domestic and international consumer demand.
  • Reducing food loss caused byinsects, poor storage, and processing techniques.
  • Identifying ways to maintain cattle rangeland threatened by climate variations.
  • Leading national and international teams to solve global food issues.
  • Helping families stretch their food dollars.
  • Answering questions about the farm bill.

Each academic department and program associated with the College of Agriculture offers a variety of opportunities and expertise in teaching, research and extension. Visit the departmental web sites to learn more.

Agricultural Economics


Animal Sciences and Industry

Biological and Agricultural Engineering

Communications and Agricultural Education


Food Science Institute

Grain Science and Industry

Horticulture, Forestry and Recreation Resources

Plant Pathology