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Capacity Search

  • Please contact Terri Fayle (tfayle@ksu.edu) with questions or errors.
  • Pages 1 and 2 (see below the search/results pane) are the same report, but different widths to fit your browser window.  Due to new web page templates coming later this summer, I have published both sizes for migration preparation.
  • Text searches can be cleared by either the eraser next to the text search box, or refreshing the page.
    • Example text searches:
      • "olson" in Investigator will return all investigators with that name
      • "agronomy" in Department will return all faculty and their associated projects
      • "1836" in KSU # will return all faculty on projects using this number (since all multistate projects use their associate Multistate # in the KSU #, this allows you to search on the Multistate #)
      • "beef" in Title will return all faculty on projects with beef in the title
  • Filtering (using the check boxes) can be cleared by either unselecting the box or freshing the page.
  • Projects that are not fully approved by NIFA are not shown.