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K-State Ag Deans and Directors



Dr. Ernie Minton

Interim Dean of the College of Agriculture, and
Director of K-State Research and Extension 

114 Waters Hall




Associate Dean of Research and Graduate Programs
Associate Director of Research and Technology Transfer

112 Waters Hall



Dr. Gregg Hadley

Director for Extension

123 Umberger Hall



Dr. Don Boggs

Associate Dean of Academic Programs

117 Waters Hall



Dr. Nina Lilja

Associate Dean of International Programs

144 Waters Hall

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  • Administers and provides leadership and vision for the development and implementation of effective science-based international programs in agriculture.
  • Supports College of Agriculture and K-State Research and Extension's goal of being a recognized leader(s) in international agricultural programs and is responsible for promoting and implementing the shared vision to accomplish that mission.
  • Maintains on-going interaction with associate deans, faculty, students, etc. and works in a multidisciplinary capacity to foster faculty interest, capabilities and recognition for international work.
  • Seeks and secures extramural funding for international programs and identifies potential funding opportunities.  
  • Establishes and maintains partnerships with other land-grant institutions, private foundations and investors and government agencies in the United States and globally.


Sandy Klein 

Assistant Dean of Academic Programs

119 Waters Hall

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    Sandy Klein leads new student services and recruitment activities. Her duties include:
    • Coordinate College of Agriculture marketing and recruitment efforts,
    • Oversee new student orientation and enrollment,
    • Teach Ag Orientation for incoming General Agriculture students,
    • Facilitate the community college transfer course evaluation process,
    • Provide support and coordination for reinstatement and Academic Standards Committee and oversee the progress report follow-up program,
    • Advise Ag Ambassadors,
    • Advise general agriculture and co-advise international students and provide counsel to other agriculture students upon request,
    • Represent the College of Agriculture on university committees as assigned, including Enrollment Management, Cross Recruitment and Scholarships.


Dr. Shannon Washburn

Assistant Dean of Academic Programs

117 Waters Hall

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    Shannon Washburn is responsible for providing leadership to activities and processes regarding continuing student services and retention. His duties include:
    • Provide leadership and oversight to the College of Agriculture student records office and functions, including distance education student services
    • Provide individualized support to students regarding academic policies and procedures and serve as academic advisor to approximately one-third of the students majoring in General Agriculture
    • Provide transcript evaluation on transfer coursework
    • Manage college responsibilities, including department and advisor training, related to university-wide technology (such as KSIS and DARS)
    • Facilitate the College Course and Curriculum committee and coordinate the curriculum proposal and approval process
    • Advise the College of Agriculture Student Council and its related activities, including Ag Competition Teams Council and Special Funds
    • Provide leadership and instruction in the University Honors/College of Agriculture Scholars Program
    • Represent the College of Agriculture on university committees as assigned, including the Committee on Academic Policy and Procedure, KSIS Task Force, and University Assessment Committee


Dr. Zelia Wiley

Assistant Dean of Diversity Programs

138 Waters Hall



Susan Metzger

Senior Executive Administrator to the Dean/Director

144 Waters Hall

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    • Organizes testimony and reports to the Kansas Legislature, the Board of Regents, University Administration, and other entities.

    • Assists in the development and implementation of a marketing strategy and 2025 plans for K-State Research and Extension and the College of Agriculture.

    • Assists with International Ag Programs issues, in conjunction with Drs. Nina Lilja and Don Boggs.

    • Communicates with outside sources to determine their research and educational needs.

    • Establishes schedules for off-campus visitors and assists in coordinating special activities, events and dedications.

    • Represents the Dean/Director at clientele meetings and events.

    • Works on special projects at the request of the Dean/Director.