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College of Agriculture

Multicultural Academic Program Success

group photo 2 of MAPS 2012

MAPS benefits include

  • Up to six (6) college credits of Chemistry or Math, Kinesiology, University Experience, and participation in a college labs
  • An integrated biofuels project. Students will explore the importance of agriculture, engineering, and business in biofuels production through lab work , research, industry tours, and a group poster.
  • Free room and board in Moore Hall on K-State's campus.
  • A $600 stipend for each students participation in the program
  • Industry tours across the Midwest. For example last year we visited Conoco-Phillips in Bartlesville, OK and Cargill in Kansas City, MO
  • Weekend activities around Manhattan
  • Professional, cultural, scholarship, and academic opportunities not available to other students
Eligibility Requirements:
  • Applied to Kansas State University and plan to enroll in Fall 2017
  • Plan to major in agriculture, engineering, or business
  • Identify as African American, Asian, Latino, Native American, or Multiracial.


It is the MAPS mission to challenge and support students as they make the transition to college with the ultimate goal being student success at Kansas State University.

Learn more about MAPS HERE

Apply for MAPS here


If you are interested in participating in the MAPS Program or would like more information, please contact

Zelia Wiley
Assistant Dean for Diversity
Kansas State University Kansas State University
139 Waters Hall
Manhattan, KS Manhattan, KS
Phone: 785-532-5793

group photo of MAPS 2012

funny group picture

Diversity>MAPS 2011

Jacqueline Tinoco and Mayra Perez-Fajardo

Diversity>MAPS 2011 #2