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College of Agriculture
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Reinstatement Procedures

A dismissed student will be readmitted to enroll in the College of Agriculture only when approved for readmission by the Academic Standards Committee of the College of Agriculture. If you desire to request reinstatement in one of the other colleges at K-State, contact the Academic Dean's office in that college to ascertain their reinstatement procedures.

Reinstatement procedure instructions, dates and
petition forms are available for download.

Download the reinstatement information and application in a PDF file here.


Important Information to Consider Before Applying:
The Academic Standards Committee considers it essential that the dismissed student confer with his or her academic advisor before completing the Petition for Reinstatement. The advisor’s assistance should be sought regarding what can be done to improve academic performance, a schedule of classes for the semester if reinstatement is granted, and estimated grades for the semester. Normally, a student must wait at least two semesters before they will be considered for reinstatement. Please note that reinstatement in the semester following dismissal is the exception rather than the rule. If you choose to petition for reinstatement in this circumstance, you should be prepared to show to both your adviser and the Academic Standards Committee unusual or extraordinary reasons why an exception should be made in your case.

Applicants planning to petition for reinstatement in the College of Agriculture must complete and return the petition to Waters Hall, Room 119. The Academic Standards Committee generally meets shortly before the first day of class for the fall, spring, and summer terms. Additional midterm meetings are scheduled during the fall and summer terms. Contact 785-532-6151 for future meeting times. When your completed petition is received by the College of Agriculture, you will be given a 15-minute appointment with the College’s Academic Standards Committee. The faculty members who comprise the committee will have reviewed your petition and records prior to your conference. They will be interested in reasons why you desire a college education, factors which led to your dismissal and changes you have or will make to ensure your future academic success. Based upon your responses to their questions, the Committee will then determine your student status. You will be notified of the Committee’s decision during your appointment.

For petition applications or questions, contact:
Dr. Shannon Washburn, 117 Waters Hall, Manhattan, KS 66506, 785-532-6151, sgw@ksu.edu.

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