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Agricultural Experiment Station Capacity Projects

All faculty having Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station tenths are required to be an active member of one or more of the following projects: (a) individual, (b) team, and/or (c) Multi-State. A new faculty member with KAES tenths should either develop and submit their own project or become a member of another researcher's project as soon as possible. New faculty should discuss options with their Department Head, Associate Dean for Research, and/or Project Director for the project they wish to join.  Please contact Dawn Caldwell (caldwell@ksu.edu) or Terri Fayle (tfayle@ksu.edu) with questions.

Faculty Responsibilities

New Project Needed

Kansas Project Identification

Projects must be assigned a number within NIFA's REEport system.  Beginning late 2017, the nomenclature used for our capacity projects is listed below.  The 2018 project number would be updated based on the year of submission to NIFA of the project initiation.  Older projects will have different numbers until they expire.

  • KS18HA**** - represents a Hatch funded project starting in 2018. 
  • KS18MS**** - represents a Hatch Multistate funded project starting in 2018, last digits will mimic Multistate number.
  • KS18MC**** - represents a McIntire-Stennis project starting in 2018.
  • KS18AH**** - represents an Animal Health project starting in 2018.

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Hatch Multistate


Animal Health

NIFA REEport Information

Logging in to NIFA's REEport

Drafting the Project Initiation

Drafting the Annual Progress Report

Drafting the Final Report

Project Change

Other REEport How-To's (for departmental business managers)