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College of Agriculture

Multi-state projects

NIMSS (www.nimss.org) manages Multistate Research and Activities supported by the State Agricultural Experiment Station (SAES) from the Hatch Multistate Research Fund (MRF) provided by the National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA).  The system can be queried regarding project details.  NIMSS is separate from REEport.  REEport is where you will process the Project Initiation (proposal) for your multi-state participation as well as submit your annual and final reports.

How to participate

To become a member of a multi-state project, you first need to be a user in the system.  New Users can request their own access by using the New User link in the top right corner of the website.  You will be requested to complete a form which will go to the regional administrator who will then setup your profile.  Users moving from another university to K-State who need to update their profile should contact Dawn Caldwell or Terri Fayle.

Participation in any multi-state project requires Dr. Minton's approval.  If you are uncertain which project is appropriate to join, please contact Dr. Minton.  If you know which project you wish to join, and following Dr. Minton's approval, you can request participation on your own with the instructions below.

NIMSS Instructions to Add Yourself

  • Login at www.nimss.org
  • Choose Participants from the left menu
  • Choose Draft/Edit Participant Info
  • Choose Draft New
  • Complete the Appendix E
    • Choose the appropriate project number from the dropdown
    • Choose your name from the dropdown
    • Only when a project number is chosen will the Objectives show up.  Select only the objectives which will relate to your research.
    • If you will be the official representative, click the box (the first K-State participant on the project will be required to be the official representative)
    • Enter your percentage Research time contribution
    • SY = scientist year, for assistant professor/scientist and above.  Typically .1 or .2 is used.
    • PY = professional year, professional employees and students with degrees.
    • TY = technical year, technicians, aids, and lab assistants.
    • Enter your Knowledge Area, Subject of Investigation, and Field of Science codes.  These codes can be looked up by clicking the link above each box.  These must be completed.  Each row is a complete record.  You can enter multiple rows.
    • If you are contributing Extension time, enter the same information as for your Research appointment above.
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