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College of Agriculture

Graduate Degrees - Choosing your path to success 

Learn more about the graduate programs offered by the College of Agriculture. 

Agricultural economics and agribusiness

These on-campus degree programs are geared toward students seeking the next level in agricultural economics industry, public service or academia. We prepare students for success through practical and innovative teaching methods to meet the current and future needs of the agricultural economics industry. 


This award-winning executive-style distance education degree program is designed for food, animal health and agribusiness professionals looking to move ahead in their careers. Our current students and alumni reside in 40 states and 30 countries, and represent every sector of the agribusiness industry. Students have the ability to complete the program in two and a half years while working full time. 

Agricultural education and communication

Available both on campus and through distance education, this degree program provides students with opportunities to broaden their career options in agricultural education, communications, extension education and related fields while expanding their technical competence. 


Graduate programs in agronomy are designed to accommodate the interests and objectives of individual students. You will conduct original research and receive thorough training in investigative techniques using modern facilities with guidance by experienced faculty. Our large number of faculty and their diverse research interests provide graduate training flexibility. 

Animal Science

This graduate program provides hands-on training in both teaching- and research-based learning experiences. Teaching unites include sheep, poultry, purebred beed, dairy, swine and equine teaching, while research units include beef cattle, stocker and cow-calf research units. Additionally, our labs contain state-of-the-art equipment that allows student access to analytical techniques required for their research. 


This internationally recognized graduate program in entomology offers a wide variety of opportunities for graduate study in both applied and basic research. Our graduate students publish in some of the leading science and entomological journals, and are encouraged to travel and present student research at professional meetings. 

Food Science

Our interdepartmental graduate program is part of the Food Science Institute that includes graduate faculty housed in five colleges and 13 departments. Research emphasis in the program includes food chemistry, food microbiology, food safety, sensory analysis, food processing and food engineering. The program also provides opportunities to work with several food commodities, including cereal, dairy, meats and poultry, and fruits and vegetables. 

Grain science and industry

This program is the only one of its kind in the U.S., and an internationally recognized graduate program. Grain science faculty collaborate with the scientists at the USDA Grain Marketing Research Laboratories and the American Institute of Baking. 


The horticulture graduate program offers specializations in ornamental horticulture, floriculture, turf grass, vegetable crops, fruit crops, horticultural therapy and public horticulture, and horticultural disciplines including environmental stress physiology, molecular biology, plant biotechnology, food and human health, tissue culture, and sustainable production. 

Plant Pathology

This degree path involves fascinating science that interfaces applied research with the most elegant and up-to-date aspects of molecular biology and biotechnology. The program has recede international recognition for molecular biology and genetics of pathogenesis and host plant resistance, fungal genetics, wheat cytogenetics and improvement as well as classical plant pathology and extension.