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What is MANRRS?

MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences) is a student group that provides a local and national network of support for K-State students enrolled in agriculture, forestry, related sciences and other interdisciplinary subjects, such as rural sociology, applied anthropology, math, chemistry and biology.

Kansas State University College of Agriculture MANRRS Chapter received its chapter charter in January 2002. Our student organization was formed to meet the academic, pre-professional, and social needs of ethnic minority students within the College of Agriculture as well as other colleges across the campus.


Thoughts on MANRRS

"MANRRS is a support group for me. Whenever I have questions about anything there is always someone to answer it and also MANRRS has helped me network with many people and organizations."

Tyler Warta, Agribusiness

"MANRRS is an organization where i can communicate and grow. It helps me network with companies that i wouldn't have the chance to meet if I was on my own. MANRRS helps me grow into new surroundings and grow into a job that i can accomplish my dreams and goals."

Jessica Nguyen, Wildlife Ecology

"To me MANRRS is a second family. They are there for laughs and fun, but at the same time they help when it's needed"

Simone Holliday, Animal Science & Industry

"MANRRS is more than a club. It is more than a national organization. MANRRS is the opportunity for underrepresented students to organize, be involved, and discover their personal niche in the expanding agricultural market. MANRRS is the bridge between motivated college students and great careers in the Ag. Industry."

Caleb Wurth