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K-State MANRRS Chapter

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What is MANRRS?

MANRRS (Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences) is a student group that provides a local and national network of support for K-State students enrolled in agriculture, forestry, related sciences and other interdisciplinary subjects, such as rural sociology, applied anthropology, math, chemistry and biology.

Kansas State University College of Agriculture MANRRS Chapter received its chapter charter in January 2002. Our student organization was formed to meet the academic, pre-professional, and social needs of ethnic minority students within the College of Agriculture as well as other colleges across the campus. 

Why should I join MANRRS?

There’s no doubt your college professors want you to learn a lot in their classrooms. But student clubs and organizations can help you learn other important lessons outside the classroom. Here are some of the reasons why joining a student group can help you expand your horizons:

  • interaction with peers
  • informal interaction with faculty and staff (great contacts for recommendations and other help)
  • line item for your resume
  • demonstrate interest in your discipline
  • group-sponsored social activities
  • national disciplinary and career contacts
  • inclusion in MANRRS national directory
  • meet outstanding professionals in College Minority Role Model Series
  • scholarship, internship, and career information
  • academic action alerts
  • tutoring in technical agriculture courses.

How do I join MANRRS?

You can become a member by contacting another member or chapter advisor. K-State MANRRS welcomes members without regard to race, sex, religion, national origin, handicap or age. 

MANRRS has several types of members:

  • Regular: Those whose disciplines are included in the agricultural and natural resource sciences.
  • Affiliate: Those whose disciplines are related to, but not usually included in, the agricultural and natural resource sciences.
  • Associate: Those who are granted membership based on their contributions to the agricultural and natural resource sciences.

Individual members are designated as: 

  • Undergraduate/Graduate Student: Enrolled full-time in an accredited educational institution and/or program that leads to the award of an associate or undergraduate (post baccalaureate professional or graduate) degree.
  • Professional: Working and not enrolled as a full-time student.
  • Special (Supporting Member or Honorary Member): Contact the Chapter Advisor for qualifications.