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Junior MANRRS is a pre-collegiate outreach program of the National Society of Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources and Related Sciences (MANRRS) for high school-aged and younger students to expose them to career pathways and educational possibilities in the food, agricultural, environmental and related sciences. Junior MANRRS members are affiliated with the National Society through membership with a local MANRRS chapter. Through Junior MANRRS college-level students connect pre-college aged students with networking opportunities and with other MANRRS student members, university faculty, and industry professionals.

K-State Junior MANRRS

Nicodemus Camp:

Nicodemus camp is a special camp that brings underrepresented youth to Kansas State University and the Kansas town of Nicodemus. The camp is an annual weeklong summer camp which includes two days at K-State and the rest of the week in Nicodemus. The camp introduces underrepresented youth to agriculture majors and careers. This is the second year that the DPO office has been involved in the coordination with Ms. JohnElla Holmes. Check out Nicodemus Camp!

Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association

The Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association is a campaign in which they are redirecting the children back to the grassroots organizations. They are trying to combat the violence, education gap, and the destruction of the families in the neighborhood. They are getting children involved in the community and little league sports so there will be less chance of them getting into other less productive things. This is the first year MANRRS is partnering with this organization and we are hoping to help them accomplish their goals. Learn more about the Neighborhood Academic & Athletic Association.