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College of Agriculture

KSRE Summer Research Fellowship Program

  2018 KSRE Summer Research Fellows & Diversity Programs Office Staff
Program Overview:

The Kansas State Research Extension (KSRE) Summer Research Fellowship is an eight-week paid fellowship designed for undergraduate students from land grant colleges and universities in the U.S. The program seeks to prepare students from minority groups for the dynamic and demanding work of graduate school, addressing the needs of agriculture based majors.

Program Objectives:

-Introduce students to the high standard work level of graduate school.
-Develop research, writing, and presentation skills.
-Promote leadership.
-Encouraging multicultural students to continue their education into a graduate level program.


-Hands on research experience
-Opportunity to work and build relationships with distinguished professors
-Housing, meals, and transportation expenses are covered
-Stipend provided for personal expenses

Who Can Apply:

To be deemed eligible to apply, applicants must:

-be a U.S. citizen
-U.S. permanent resident
-U.S. nationals or have received protected status
-completed at least four semesters of undergraduate study



2021 KSRE Application


2021 KSRE Application Flyer

Informational Material

 Choose K-State for Undergraduate Research


Applications available from September 10, 2020-February 8, 2021

Program Dates

2021: June 7 - July 30

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