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College of Agriculture

2019 KSRE Summer Research Fellows

Rosetta Brice Rosetta Brice

Virginia State University
Animal Sciences & Industry
Dr. Joel DeRouchey & Dr. Jason Woodworth, Research Mentors

Grain Sciences & Industry
Dr. Charles Stark  & Dr. Chad Paulk, Research Mentors

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 Rosetta's Summer Research Abstract

Alyx HarrisAlyx Harris

Southern University
Agricultural Economics
Dr. Mykel Taylor, Research Mentor

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Alyx's Summer Research Abstract

Jania HarrodJania Harrod

Tuskegee University
Dr. Berlin Londono, Research Mentor

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Jania's Summer Research Abstract

Jessica JohnsonJessica Johnson

Tuskegee University
Animal Sciences & Industry
Dr. Barry Bradford & Dr. Laman Mamedova, Research Mentors

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Jessica's Research Abstract

Bethany MarburryBethany Marburry

Tuskegee University
Diversity Programs
Dr. Zelia Wiley & Lonnie Hobbs, Jr., Research Mentors

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Bethany's Summer Research Abstract

Kaci Merriwether-HawkinsKaci  Merriwether-Hawkins

Tuskegee University
Animal Sciences & Industry
Dr. Scott Beyer, Research Mentor

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Kaci's Summer Research Abstract







Asija RiceAsija Rice

Southern  University
Plant Pathology
Dr. Sanzhen Liu, Research Mentor

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Asija's Summer Research Abstract